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Hi I'm harpoon21.
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My interests are:
Computers, Aliens.

this is just a dumb page for bored people
I put this up just for fun

Peacato is a planet very unlike Earth.
Peacato is an island planet that has
(compared to earth) very few residents. It is actually a lot bigger than earth is.

Peacato is surrounded by The peacato
system, a system of planets that
revolves around Peacato...much like Earth
revolves around the Sun.
there are several planets in the
system and there are two suns.

The planet Called Knelmta (nelta) in
the peacato system has recently
been taken over by a powerful AIB that
has gotten hold of a very
powerful Krystaline technology that could
prove disastrous to earth and
Peacato. Now Peacato and a powerful
Ally from the quoyon Galaxy to
fight the ever growing enemy.

there are 2 moons orbiting peacato. the E-moon
and the Gene moon these 2 moons serve as "guard towers"
against enemies and also as major bases.

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